Occupational segregation of female and male immigrants in the European Union: accounting for cross-country differences

  • Amaia Palencia-Esteban
  • PDF: WP1905

On Measuring Segregation in a Multigroup Context: Standardized Versus Unstandardized Indices

  • Coral del Río, Olga Alonso-Villar
  • PDF: WP1904

On the Changing Spatial Distribution of Human Capital and Occupation Groups: An Analysis of Recent Trends in Australia’s Main Capital Cities

  • Francisco Azpitarte, Olga Alonso-Villar, Felipe Hugo-Rojas
  • PDF: WP1903


Low cost airlines and international tourism demand. The case of Porto’s airport in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula

  • Marcos Álvarez-Díaz, Manuel González-Gómez, María Soledad Otero-Giráldez
  • PDF: WP1902


Occupational Achievements of Same-Sex Couples in the U.S. by Gender and Race

  • Coral del Río, Olga Alonso-Villar
  • PDF: WP1901